How To Stage Your Home For Perfection

How To Stage Your Home For Perfection

By: Sia Nomigolzar – REALTOR

 Imagine walking into a bedroom in the middle of the day. As you enter, you notice the lack of sunlight caused by the black curtains covering the window. You step in to try and move the curtains and there is a crunch beneath your feet as you step on a dead cockroach. The bed is not made, there is an influx of pictures on the walls, none of them related to each other in any way. This description will most likely make you feel uneasy. It may make you feel slightly claustrophobic even. Is this a bedroom that you could picture yourself living in? Most people would probably say no to that.

Home staging is not about bringing the fanciest furniture, or changing the layout too drastically. It’s main purpose is to make the space appear cleaner, and decluttered so that the majority of people will have no trouble picturing themselves in that space. So how do you stage your home? 


Clean And Open Up

First, you must ensure that every area is nice and clean. You will want to vacuum and mop the entire house while paying greater attention to removing stains from easily stainable areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. You may then want to rearrange the furniture to make the space appear more open. Then you will want to remove personal photos from the walls and shelves you may have. Removing personal photography will make it easier for anyone viewing the house to envision that space as their own. You will then want to declutter as much as possible. This means that you want to keep countertops, desks, and tables as empty as possible. A table with some flowers on it looks much cleaner and nicer than one covered in newspaper, plates, and other items. 


Merely changing the lightbulbs around your home, may make it more appealing. You can use different light colors to convey a different message based on the room. Lights with a whiter tones that are brighter create an environment which resembles daylight and are generally viewed more favourably amongst the masses. Be sure to keep the lighting in each room fairly uniform. A room that has a mixture of white and yellow lights create confusion within the eyes and will leave a negative first impression in the mind of a potential buyer. 

Staging your home can be a stressful process, especially if you are not sure how to re-organize your furniture to make it more appealing to the masses. If you find yourself having trouble with this step it is essential that you work with a REALTOR that has knowledge and offers some sort of home staging services. 

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